Learn more. . . See how to predict unfavorable facial growth and how Orthotropics® can help. See how Orthotropics® aims to: help your child look better; facial balance help your child breathe easier; treat the CAUSES, not just the SYMPTOMS (like crooked teeth, snoring or gummy smiles).

Exciting News! We have merged with the AAGO!

We have some exciting news! The NAAFO merged with the AAGO (Academy of Airway & Gnathologic Orthopedics). The AAGO has been airway and health focused for decades and they will be a great partner to continue to provide a home for Orthotropics® in North America. When you join the NAAFO, you will be redirected to the AAGO membership website ( and receive the benefits of both organizations.

How Will Your Child’s Face Grow?

Your child’s face will grow based on three things. In his usual resting mouth posture…

Are the teeth together? Are the lips together? Is the tongue on the roof of the mouth? With this normal oral posture, the face and teeth will grow optimally. Without this normal oral posture, the face will not grow properly, and any orthodontics will be less stable.

The NAAFO is a group of professionals who promote Orthotropics®, a natural way to achieve optimal growth, a balanced facial profile, and a larger airway. Orthotropics® is a specific method of Facial Growth Guidance which changes unfavorable vertical growth to more favorable horizontal growth, potentially resulting in corrections similar to those that result from successful orthognathic surgery.

On the right you will see time lapse videos (morphs) that show changes in facial structure over a period of several years. Compare the changes in patients who were treated with traditional techniques that pull teeth backwards in the face and/or extractions to the patients who were treated with the non-extraction Orthotropics® technique.

Here’s what parents of kids treated with Orthotropics® are saying…

“I know you really helped with his breathing, sleeping and he doesn’t wet to bed anymore which is very nice. I want to thank you for all you have done and for Trenton. You did more than his family medical doctor and his asthma specialist doctors did…Thank you very much I really appreciate it.”

B.F., Grand Rapids, MI

“In addition to improved sleeping, improved airway, nice looking teeth that fit in her mouth, and not needing to pull out any grown up teeth, the Biobloc had a great cosmetic effect on her facial growth.”

Kerri, Nyack, NY

“It’s been a year since our daughter started the treatment. She now sleeps through the night with her mouth closed and without grinding or snoring. As we were informed from the start, the treatment is difficult, but the results have far exceeded our expectations. We are amazed with the outcome. And, I never thought she would admit it, but just the other day our daughter said that it was all worth it – she’s the one who is most thrilled with the results!”

Susan, New York, NY

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